AirDrop amazing technology

Using the yarn to its full potential, AirDrop technology is a clever technique that takes spinning cotton fibers (100%) and traps them with air.
In this video you can see a curious animation of the hi-tech process!

AirDrop hydrophilic performance

Capilarity is what defines the absorption of a towel. This test shows that AirDrop has an absorption far superior: 56% more than conventional cotton towels!
*Tests performed by credited independent Institutions.

AirDrop drying time compared with other towels.

By holding liquids in the space between fibers, moisture is easily released and wrung out. As a result, the drying time after wringing becomes shorter. This test shows that the weight loss during the drying process is at least 10% higher than correspondent conventional towels.
*Tests performed by credited independent Institutions.

AirDrop LAC (Liquid Absorptive Capacity) compared with other towels

LAC - Liquid Absorptive Capacity, measures the percent by weight of liquid that is absorbed by the test material.
AirDrop has an exceptional Liquid Absorptive Capacity, holding a superior liquid quantity in the space between fibers. This means that the saturation is achieved with more liquid than conventional towels and even other improved absorption towels.
*Tests performed by credited independent Institutions.